Lecture Notes

Date Topic Notes Code
4/3 Hello, World! html md
4/5 The Lambda Calculus html md elsa
4/7 contd. .lc
4/10 contd. .lc
4/12 A crash course in Haskell html md
4/14 contd.
4/17 canceled.
4/19 ML Crash Course pdf pdf-small .ml
4/21 contd.
4/24 Datatypes and Recursion pdf pdf-small .ml
4/26 contd.
4/28 contd.
5/1 Higher Order Functions pdf pdf-small .ml
5/3 contd.
5/5 contd.
5/10 Environments and Closures pdf pdf-small
5/15 contd. .ml
5/17 contd. .ml
5/19 contd. .ml
5/22 Lexing and Parsing html .ml
Logic Programming

Interesting Piazza Questions


Date Topic Notes Code
9/28 Running Haskell in Lab TBD TBD